M.A., M.Th., E.C.P., U.K.C.P.
Systemic and Family Psychotherapist
EMDR Therapist (for trauma)
Jeremy Young
Telephone:  01373 831349
E-mail: jeremy_young@mac.com

Often people experience personal troubles and they do not know to whom to turn for help or guidance.  As an experienced Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, I provide confidential private psychotherapy for emotional or psychological distress and for relationship difficulties.  

Counselling in Bath

“No man is an island entire unto itself”, the poet John Donne said.  And no woman is an island either. Our development as children is heavily influenced, if not entirely determined, by the social and familial contexts into which we are born and grow up.  The same is true of our lives as adults: we are constantly affected by what is going on around us in our families, workplace and social environment. We all live in networks of relationships with numerous other people, many of whom we do not know personally, but who nevertheless have an impact upon our lives.

My way of working therapeutically with individuals begins from this awareness of our interconnectedness with others and with the world we inhabit.  I seek to identify the various influences and pressures upon an individual, and to help her or him to engage with them differently. Emotional and relational difficulties develop because an individual (or couple or family) has been unable to adapt sufficiently to these influences, or because a major change of circumstances makes their old mode of coping out-of-date and no longer viable.

This may occur in relationships with partners, children, the extended family, employers, work colleagues or social groups.  Sometimes the problem is precisely the loss of sustaining relationships through separation, divorce or family breakdown or bereavement, illness, unemployment or some other form of loss.  

For others, the issue is the prejudice or exclusion that they experience because they are different in some way, whether because of gender or sexuality or membership of a particular ethnic or religious group.

Whatever your specific difficulty, I will work with you to find new more constructive ways of thinking about and relating to yourself, other people and the various contexts in which you live your life.