M.A., M.Th., E.C.P., U.K.C.P.
Systemic and Family Psychotherapist
EMDR Therapist (for trauma)
Jeremy Young
Telephone:  01373 831349
E-mail: jeremy_young@mac.com

Often people experience personal troubles and they do not know to whom to turn for help or guidance.  As an experienced Systemic and Family Psychotherapist, I provide confidential private psychotherapy for emotional or psychological distress and for relationship difficulties.  

Counselling in Bath

Problems can seem to have a life of their own.  It can feel as if they dominate a person’s life, a couple’s relationship or a family’s interactions.  Usually those concerned try hard to fix the difficulty themselves but all too easily their attempts either make it worse or serve to maintain it. Systemic psychotherapy helps those involved to see the situation differently and discover more effective ways of dealing with the problem.

For example, poor communication often results in misunderstandings or arguments or blame and a person’s strange or ‘difficult’ behaviour may be the best means available to express distress.  Listening more carefully, learning different ways to talk to each other and decoding the message contained in the troubling behaviour are all strategies that can be effective at resolving such conundrums.

In systemic therapy, clients work together with the therapist to identify and interrupt destructive patterns of behaviour and thinking that have taken hold of their lives and co-operate in creating new more constructive ways to live.